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[ecrea] New IJoC Articles Published in June

Wed Jul 01 19:32:44 GMT 2015


  Yonghwan Kim, Hsuan-Ting Chen —  Discussion Network Heterogeneity
Matters: Examining a Moderated Mediation Model of Social Media Use and Civic

  Diana Coryat — Historicizing Cine Jóven and Cuba’s Audiovisual
Landscape: New Paradigms in Digital Media Production and Circulation

  Jeffrey C. Neely — Building Voices: Teens Connect to Their Communities
Through Youth Journalism Websites

  KyuJin Shim, Guy J. Golan, Anita G. Day, Sung-Un Yang — Beyond the
Western Masses: Demography and Pakistani Media Credibility Perceptions

  Stephen D. Reese — Globalization of Mediated Spaces: The Case of
Transnational Environmentalism in China

  Jérôme Bourdon, Cécile Meade — Ratings as Politics. Television
Audience Measurement and the State: An International Comparison

  Rajiv George Aricat, Veronika Karnowski, Arul Chib — Mobile Phone
Appropriation and Migrant Acculturation: A Case Study of an Indian Community
in Singapore

  Cherish Aileen A. Brillon — From Local to Global: Philippine Broadcast
Networks and the Filipino Diaspora

  Melina Sherman — The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market:
The Making of ADHD

  Liang Chen, Xiaodong Yang — Nature and Effectiveness of Online Social
Support for Intercultural Adaptation of Mainland Chinese International

  Yang Liu, Jun Fan — Culturally Specific Privacy Practices on Social
Network Sites: Privacy Boundary Permeability Management in Photo Sharing by
American and Chinese College-Age Users

  Yanfeng Mao  — Who is a Laowai? Chinese Interpretations of Laowai as a
Referring Expression for Non-Chinese

  Cristina Casanueva-Reguart — Institutions, Telecommunications Reform,
and Universal Service Policy in Mexico (1990–2014)


  Florencio Cabello Fernández-Delgado, María Teresa Rascón Gómez —
The Index and the Moon: Mortgaging Scientific Evaluation


  Nathalie Maréchal — Tim Jordan, Information Politics: Liberation and
Exploitation in the Digital Society

  Christian Fuchs — Todd Wolfson, Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the
Cyber Left

Enjoy these articles that published in June at

Larry Gross

Arlene Luck
Managing Editor
International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
USC Annenberg Press
University of Southern California

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