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[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 28(3) - June 2015

Wed Jul 01 19:11:36 GMT 2015

New issue
Communication & Society
Vol. 28 (3) June 2015
University of Navarra (Spain)


1- Claudia Mellado, Lea Hellmueller
Professional roles and news construction: a media sociology
conceptualization of journalists’ role conception and performance

2- Juan Pablo Artero, Víctor Orive, Pilar Latorre
Efficiency and benchmarks of regional public service broadcasters in Spain

3- Flora Marín Murillo, José Ignacio Armentia Vizuete, José María
Caminos Marcet
Global news, local coverage: how the Basque press framed the horsemeat

4- María J. Ortiz, José A. Moya
The /action cam/ phenomenon: a new trend in audiovisual production

5- Luis Núñez-Ladevéze, José Antonio Irisarri, Blanco-Steger Begoña Morales
The specific social responsibility of big television companies and risk

6- Luciana Moretti Fernández
Apology for crime: situational analysis of the communication within
criminal commands in Brazil

7- Jae Hong Kim, Joseph Abisaid
The influence of community structure on crime news coverage: structural
pluralism, ethnic diversity, and local crime news

8- Lidia Valera Ordaz
Building the news media agenda: Spanish political parties' influence on
traditional media and blogosphere agendas during 2011 electoral campaign

9- Juan Carlos Suárez-Villegas
Self-regulation of offline and online journalism in Spain in the
experience of the Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics Commission

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