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[ecrea] Political Journalism in Transition: Western Europe in a Comparative Perspective

Fri Nov 29 17:56:08 GMT 2013

Members might be interested in the following book just published entitled Political Journalism in Transition: Western Europe in a Comparative Perspective. It is edited by Raymond Kuhn and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen.

The 21st century has already seen dramatic changes affecting both journalism and politics. The rise of a range of new digital and networked communication technologies combined with the stagnation and decline of many traditional mass media has had a profound impact on political journalism. The arrival of new digital media has affected the ways in which political actors communicate with the public, with or without journalists as intermediaries. Newspapers that once held political leaders to account are now struggling to survive; broadcasters that once gathered whole nations for the evening news are now fighting for relevance faced with innumerable new competitors on cable and digital television; online-only media, such as blogs and social networking sites, are changing how we communicate about politics. News media remain central to political processes, but the ways in which journalists and politicians interact are changing. This book examines how and provides a comprehensive a nd comparative analysis of the state of political journalism in Western Europe today, including the many challenges facing journalists in this important period of transition.{DFF51E2F-C0BA-4928-ACC4-415188DCDEE8}

Contents below
1. Political Journalism in Western Europe: Change and Continuity
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen and Raymond Kuhn
Part I National Case Studies
2. What’s So French About French Political Journalism?
Raymond Kuhn
3. Will Italian Political Journalism Ever Change?
Alessio Cornia
4. German Political Journalism Between Change and Stability
Carsten Reinemann and Philip Baugut
5. The Emergence of an Increasingly Competitive News
Regime in Denmark
Mark Blach-Ørsten
6. The Impact of Market Forces, New Technologies, and
Political PR on UK Journalism
Aeron Davis
Part II Cross-National Themes
7. Reporting the European Union: A Study in Journalistic Boredom
Olivier Baisnée
8. Do Public Service Media (Still) Matter? Evaluating the Supply, Quality, and Impact of Television News in Western Europe
Stephen Cushion
9. Americanisation Revisited: Political Journalism in Transition in the United States and Western Europe
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
10. Changing Political News? Long-Term Trends in American, British, French, Italian, German, and Swiss Print Media Reporting
Andrea Umbricht and Frank Esser
11. International Journalism in Transition
Kevin Williams

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