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[ecrea] Special issue, Culture, Theory and Critique, "The Newness of New Media"

Sun Nov 10 02:45:53 GMT 2013

The latest issue of the journal Culture, Theory and Critique is on "The
Newness of New Media". The intro is Gershon, Ilana&  Joshua A. Bell (2013)
Introduction: The Newness of New Media, *Culture, Theory and Critique*,
54:3, 259-264. It starts like this:

"When scholars of media attend to the material and historical
particularities of media, many recognise that ‘newness’ is not a
self-evident social category (see Marvin 1988; Gitelman 2006; Gitelman and
Pingree 2003; Peters 1999; Larkin 2008; Ginsburg et al. 2002). Instead,
they explore how people on the ground interpret and make use of the newness
of their media. In the process these scholars have shed light on how people
discuss and experience their changing social contexts through their
engagement with these different forms. Studying the newness of new media
involves understanding people as social analysts in their own right, and
exploring how they think about communication and change. Today the media
technologies that are understood as new – the Internet, mobile phones and
social networking sites – provide another venue for innovation and
continuity, as well as a means to reflect on how newness is constituted. In
this special issue, the authors explore how the ‘newness’ of new media is
experienced by people outside of the Global North, ranging from how
communities have and are responding to the introduction of writing to the
introduction of mobile phones and social networking sites."

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