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[ecrea] COST CfP for a special section "Generations as (media) audiences" in Participations

Sat Nov 09 23:20:34 GMT 2013


Special Section “Generations as (media) audiences”

in Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies

Guest editors of the special section:

Andra Siibak (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Nicoletta Vittadini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)

Galit Nimrod (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)

(See also PDF in attachment)

The Special Section aims at illuminating the relationship between media audiences, their media consumption cultures and the social formations called “generations”. We believe that the concept of “generations” may help scholars in describing the contemporary audience fragmentation. Within the Special Section authors will discuss how the cultural concept of generations offers a wide range of valuable heuristics to explore the meaning and use of media in people’s lives (media repertoires, media habits, media as status symbols, etc.), and may help us explore the complex interrelations between audiences, technologies and cultural settings.

Rather than adopting the demographic perspective (generations as age cohorts of people who were born and happen to be alive at about the same time) when analysing the concept, the scholars involved in this special issue will adopt a cultural approach to the “problem of generations” (generations are constituted on the basis of shared experience of the same formative events and collective memory) (Vittadini et al, 2013). Their cultural approach, is based on the idea that “generational identity/belonging” is built through social relationships (mediated or not) and helps to define the social significance of generations.

According to the cultural approach media experience is relevant in defining generations and their media consumption cultures (Aroldi 2011). For each generation, the so-called “generational identity” and the experience with media and technologies in their formative years shape some features of audience practices in the course of the whole lifecycle of its members. At the same time, media representations, repertoires, and technologies contribute to defining the particular “generational semantic” of generations (Aroldi 2011; Colombo 2011).

The Special Section has the aim to present different points of view on: how generations matter for defining media consumption cultures and how media consumption matters for defining generations. The scholars submitting papers for this special issue are encouraged “to view generations as a multifaceted phenomenon”, consisting of both objective (e.g. shared experiences) as well as subjective dimensions (self-definitions) (Vittadini et al, 2013).

The Special Section will include: an introduction on generations and media (editors) and five sub-sections dealing with different point of views on the topic: the different consumption cultures of diverse generations; the relevance of some specific traits of generational identity (the migration experience or specific historical events) in defining media consumption practices and meanings; the inter-generational relations and their consequences on media use; the relevance of generational identity in social media use (SNS and social radio); and the particular media consumption cultures of the younger and older generations.

Time schedule:

December 1, 2013 - deadline for sending in full papers

March 1, 2014 - reviews sent back to the authors

May 1, 2014 - final version of the manuscripts sent to the editors

July 1 2014 - we send the special issue to the publisher with the planned publication date of November 2014.

For additional information and for sending full papers, please contact: Andra Siibak ((andra.siibak /at/, Nicoletta Vittadini ((nicoletta.vittadini /at/ or Galit Nimrod ((gnimrod /at/
About the journal:

Participations is an on-line Journal devoted to the strengthening and development of the fields of audience and reception studies, located at The aim of the Journal is to become a focal point for research, debate and publication on all aspects of the study of audiences for cultural and media products and practices. The Journal has now been publishing for more than a decade, and has established itself as a major force in the sphere of media and cultural research and scholarship.Participations has pioneered a system of open refereeing of submissions, for both general and special issues, under which the names of authors and referees are known to each other. This has been widely welcomed by submitting authors for its encouragement of critical-supportive refereeing.

Andra Siibak, Phd
Vanemteadur/Senior Research Fellow
TÜ Ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni instituut/
Institute of Journalism and Communication, University of Tartu
Lossi 36, Tartu 51 003
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