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[ecrea] Speaking Personally: new book on journalism

Sat Nov 09 23:19:04 GMT 2013

Published by Palgrave Macmillan November 2013
Price £15.99 (20% discount available if you order copy online  using promotional code: COWARD2013a includes free postage)

The personal voice is everywhere in journalism. Whether in comment writing, personal columns, confessional journalism or blogging, speaking personally is a dominant feature of contemporary journalism. Yet critical discussion often ignores the personal voice, positioning ‘first-person’ journalism as less worthy than ‘objective’ reporting.

This book explores how and why personal voices have come to play such an important role in journalism. Covering the history, functions and forms of personal journalism, the book examines the rise of comment writing; the influence of ‘New Journalism’in the 1960’s and 70’s; considers the impact of social movements such as feminism and addresses ethical issues surrounding different genes of personal writing in particular confessional journalism. Exploring our culture’s obsession with personal and intimate details, Ros Coward argues persuasively that personal forms of journalism can engage a wider readership.

Stuart Allan , Professor of Journalism, the Media School, Bournemouth university writes;
“Speaking Personally is a remarkably perceptive treatment of first person journalism, one certain to provoke lively discussion and debate. Ros Coward expertly critiques the factors shaping the popularity of personal, opinionated, an confessional genres of reportage, sharing with the reader incisive insights into pertinent research as well as her own experience as a columnist. Throughout,  she assesses journalism’ duty to care, not least where ordinary people find themselves at risk of exploitation when intimate details of their private lives become public news. This is a rich rewarding book that deserves to be widely read.’

Ricard Keeble, ActingHead of Lincoln School of Journalism, University of Lincoln writes:
This is a wonderfully original, wide-ranging, in-depth exploration of the many issues surrounding the ever –growing prominence of the ‘personal voice’ in the media. Like all the best scholarship, it is both enjoyable to read and thought-provoking.’

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