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[ecrea] Book anouncement: Artistic Lives

Thu Nov 07 18:05:59 GMT 2013

Artistic Lives
New book by Ashgate.

Kirsten Forkert

Artistic Lives challenges recent policy discourses that celebrate the ability of cultural producers to create something from nothing, and, more generally, the myth of creativity as an individual phenomenon, divorced from social context. Presenting rich interview material with artists and arts professionals in London and Berlin, together with ethnographic descriptions, Artistic Lives engages with debates surrounding Post-Fordism, gentrification and the nature of authorship, to raise challenging questions about the function of culture and the
role of artists within contemporary capitalism.

‘Artists have been moved from the margins to the center of the urban economy. Is that good or bad? Forkert’s incisive and carefully-researched study is the most up-to-date analysis of the outcome. The differences she draws between London and Berlin illustrate the sheer intelligence of this very useful book.’

– Andrew Ross, University of New York, USA and author of Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times

‘A compelling and engaging study of artistic lives raising challenging questions about the purposes served by culture within contemporary capitalism. The result is a powerful argument for the necessity of time and space for cultural activities – not only for those who define themselves as professional artists, but for all.’

– Karen Littleton, The Open University, UK

‘Kirsten Forkert takes seriously the way that artists lead their lives. She lifts the romantic veil from the idea of a removal from society to show the centrality and vulnerability of cultural labor today. Drawing on her experience as an artist, her commitment as an activist, and her research as a scholar, she has produced a landmark text.’

– Toby Miller, University of California, Riverside
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