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[ecrea] Cfp: "Professional sociability of journalists on social networking sites"

Mon Nov 04 09:46:34 GMT 2013

About Journalism, an international review in journalism studies is pleased to announce a call for papers: "Professional sociability of journalists on social networking sites"
(Download full call in PDF here:

Contributions may explore the following axes:
- Professional discourses: how do “social network” brands claim to guide the journalists’ professional practices? What journalists describe their use of SNS in terms of cooperation with pairs, sources and the public? What are the recommendations, appreciations, or injunctions of authorities, experts and media managers related to use of SNS by journalists? What do the charts of “good practices” established in each specific media, say about collective professional references in terms of auto-regulation by ethical and moral discourses? - Uses: How do journalists integrate SNS in their everyday practices? To what extent ere these tools important in news and sources gathering? To what extent do they constitute devices for professional socialising and the raising of awareness in belonging to a group (for example, that of web journalists)? - Players: Who contributes to the disseminating of a journalistic practice on the social networks, and where? Consultants, teaching organisms, media are also spaces in which the imaginary and use prescriptions form, and can be submitted to analysis and questioning. Who are the actors that contribute to the circulation of these imaginaries, with what trajectories and professional objectives? How do the journalists use the socio- digital networks as collaboration tools that go beyond the borders of the traditional newsroom? Any other proposition, in relation to these three axes, that describes the evolution of Social Networking Sites and their uses in relation to journalistic practices will be examined.

Papers published in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Please indicate your interest in this special issue by sending a two-page summary of your article proposal to the guest editors before the 15th November 2013, to:
(javier.diaz /at/
(valerie.jeanne-perrier /at/
(nicolaos.smyrnaios /at/

Propositions will be subject to ‘double-blind’ assessments. Selected papers (30.000 to 50.000 signs, including references and footnotes) are expected before 15th March 2014.

Best regards,

the issue editors

Javier Díaz Noci, Valérie Jeanne-Perrier, Nikos Smyrnaios

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