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[ecrea] Cognition at the Movies

Fri Nov 01 11:55:53 GMT 2013

Cognition at the Movies

Saturday November 9th 10am to 6:30pm (Birkbeck Cinema, TBC)

Hosted by Dr Tim J. Smith (Department of Psychological Sciences, Birkbeck) and the Birkbeck Institute of Moving Images (BIMI)
Since cinema’s inception filmmakers and theorists have been interested in the relationship between film and its audience. How do directorial decisions influence what we see on the screen and how does a viewer’s prior beliefs and interests influence how they experience a film? Cognitive Science, the interdisciplinary investigation of mental phenomena using theories and techniques from neuroscience, psychology and philosophy has recently begun to be applied to these questions of film cognition. This workshop will bring together film theorists, cognitive psychologists and philosophers in an exploration of the relationship between film and its audience.
Presenters: Prof. Murray Smith (Kent), Prof. Ian Christie (Birkbeck), Prof. Sheena Rogers (James Mason U.), Dr. William Brown (Roehampton), Steve Hinde (Bristol), Dr. Paul Taberham (Kent), and Dr. Tim J. Smith (Birkbeck).
Keynote presentation ‘Comic Entertainment, Film, and the Embodied Brain’  by Prof Torben Grodal (Copenhagen) author of Moving Pictures and Embodied Visions.

Laura Mulvey
Director, Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image
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(bimi /at/
Room B15
43 Gordon Square
London WC1H0PD

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