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[Commlist] PhD position - Charles University in Prague - Environmental Constructions

Thu Jan 09 15:49:53 GMT 2020

Ph.D. Researcher - MISTRA Environmental Communication Research Programme
at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism
Charles University in Prague

Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University is looking to hire a PhD Researcher, supervised by Nico Carpentier, as part of the MISTRA Environmental Communication Research Programme for the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism.

The MISTRA Environmental Communication (MEC) Research Programme is a four-year research project, based in Sweden and implemented by an international consortium, which includes the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. A brief overview can be found here

This specific position consists out of PhD research that implements the fifth work package of MEC, which is entitled “Environmental communication in (social) media and the arts: Opening spaces for transformative discursive encounters”. The main research objective of work package five is to study the discursive struggle between the different environmental and sustainability discourses that circulate in Swedish arts and media, and to develop discursive strategies to open up existing discursive patterns and constellations for a constructive engagement with new or marginalised perspectives.

Each candidate must:

The excellent command of both English AND Swedish (written and spoken) is a key requirement for this position.

The work location is Prague, in the Czech Republic.

We are seeking candidates with a genuine interest in, and knowledge of environmental communication, social constructionist theory, participatory research and discursive-material analysis. Candidates should have a good general overview of social theory in the social sciences and humanities, and master the main methodologies used in these disciplines. A collaborative and inquisitive mindset are equally important.

Moreover, candidates need to possess a Master’s degree. Candidates with any suited disciplinary and interdisciplinary background are welcome to apply. Candidates with high grades for their prior degrees will be given priority.


The holder of the position shall primarily devote her/himself to this project and the implementation of the tasks outlined below, in combination with the requirements of the PhD programme (as outlined in the documents mentioned below).

The main task of the PhD researcher is to focus on one of the three areas of study of work package 5, namely mass media, with attention for two genres, namely documentaries and television programmes that focus on environmental problems and that have been recently produced in Sweden. The research question of the PhD researcher’s project concerns 1/the identification of the discursive struggles within a selection of mass media case studies, and 2/the development of strategies to open up the discursive positions for more constructive engagements.

The PhD researcher’s project will start with a mapping of all recent relevant output, in the three areas (mass media, social media and arts), and will then focus on the mass media area, selecting and analysing six cases studies, using discourse-material analysis to analyse the selected media material and the media producer interviews. In the last stage, the development of discursive strategies will be structured in two ways, through the development of training packages, and through the organisation of an exhibition. Moreover, the research project will be strengthened through participatory research methods, to be applied throughout the entire research project, wherever possible.

Active participation in the Institutes’ PhD activities, such as seminars, workshops, etc., is expected. Other tasks within the Institute, including administrative work, can also be part of the employment. The PhD researcher is also expected to actively contribute to the (written) academic publications of the MEC work package 5 team.

We offer:

The position is a full-time position, with a total duration of 44 months, starting on/around 1 March 2020, but the position’s continuation will be subject to a yearly evaluation.

The gross monthly salary will be 24.000 CZK, complemented by a PhD stipend of 11.000 CZK.

The application includes:

(1) a letter in which the applicant describes her/his research interests and the motivation to apply; (2) a one-page research note, outlining how the candidate proposes to ground the research in social constructionist theory; (3) a second one-page research note, outlining how the candidate proposes to implement the tasks described in this document, including a time schedule (4) a CV, with the copies of the relevant diplomas and certificates that prove the candidate’s eligibility for doctoral studies in Media and Communication Studies; (5) minimally two letters of recommendation and the contact information to these reference persons;
(6) publications (co-) authored by the applicant (if any);
(7) other documents that the applicant wishes to add.

The application must be submitted via email to (kariera /at/ at the Personnel Affairs Department of the Dean’s Office, the Faculty of Social Sciences Charles University, Smetanovo nábřeží 6, 110 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic. Deadline for applications is the 10th of February 2020. The application must be identified as “PhD Researcher - MISTRA”.

We only accept applications that are submitted as described in this announcement, and we reserve the right to close the vacancy without any person being hired.

Charles University is striving to promote gender equality through gender diversity.

Additional information

A list of suggested literature is available at

A general description of the doctoral program of the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism can be found at: (currently in Czech only) (in Czech) (in English)

More information about the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism is available at

For more information about the content of the position, Nico Carpentier can be contacted, by e-mail at (nico.carpentier /at/ See also

For more information about the financial dimensions of the position, Alena Marcova can be contacted, by e-mail at (alena.marcova /at/

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