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[Commlist] Position at Miami of Ohio

Fri May 03 23:03:15 GMT 2019

Of interest to colleagues located in the US, doing research in/on Asia (or
with/about Asian American) and looking for jobs:

Miami University has a full-time one year appointment in its
interdisciplinary Global and Intercultural Studies department for an
instructor to teach courses in Asian and Asian-American Studies. This
opened suddenly and the department will begin reviewing candidates in 2
weeks (on May 17).

The department needs someone to teach "Intro to Asian and Asian American
Studies" and "Asia and Globalization" in the Fall. I'm not sure about
Spring courses.

*Intro to Asian and Asian American Studies *(3 credits) (24 students). Since
the mid-nineteenth century, Americans have viewed Asia as alien,
mysterious, alluring, repressed and have alternately been compelled by and
frightened by what they have regarded as incommensurable cultural
differences between the United States and Asia. In addressing this, we will
focus on the following themes: colonialism and nationalism, national and
ethnic identities, emigration and immigration, and popular culture and mass
media, as a way to put in perspective, if not dispel, prevailing
stereotypes of Asian and Asian America and gain a more complex and nuanced
understanding of the complex and rich geopolitical, cultural and historical
terrain of Asia/ Asian America. This course is designed to provide a
general introduction to the related disciplines of Asian Studies, and Asian
American Studies and to familiarize students with some of the major
debates, points of connection and contention. We will consider how "Asia"
and "Asian America" are defined, geopolitically and strategically to allow
us to develop a critical view about Asian and Asian American studies in a
transnational frame. Through an examination of fiction, film and
sociological works, students will acquire a better understanding about what
is being researched in this field.

*Asia and Globalization *(3 credits) (24 students) The Asian-Pacific region
is one of the most dynamic, complex, and challenging focal points of world
today. In the past half century, many countries in Asia have undergone
significant political, economic, social, and cultural changes, which are
tightly intertwined with the concepts and tenets of globalization. With
countries such as China and India on the rise, and global superpowers such
as Russia and Japan encountering their own modern challenges, the Asian
continent has been facing a transformation that is at once a response to
globalization and itself a powerful force influencing global community.
Accordingly, the course highlights cross-cultural values through a
comparative lens of Asia and globalization, and aims to study recent
transformations in Asia and their impact on its own future and the world.
The study will be framed both in the Asian internal context and in the
external context of globalization. The course specifically focuses on,
though is not limited to, how external global influence and the internal
cultures of major Asian countries interact with each other in ways that
uniquely mark and inform the economic, social, religious, educational, and
cultural transformations in Asia.

HINT: In the application letter, emphasize your teaching experience first,
then your research and expertise...)

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