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[Commlist] Autoethnographic methods: Reflexive and evocative text production. PhD workshop with Carolyn Ellis, Art Bochner & Oscar Hemer

Tue Feb 19 17:09:52 GMT 2019

Autoethnographic methods: Reflexive and evocative text production. PhD workshop with Carolyn Ellis, Art Bochner & Oscar Hemer

Ph.D. course at Roskilde University, Denmark. June 19th - 21st, 2019. 4 ECTS

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About the course

The main objective of the course is to support the participants' reflections and active text production for the PhD thesis. This course introduces various autoethnographic approaches that highlight the complexity of the researcher's voices, roles and relations with others in the research field, as well as provide perspectives on power and ethical, affective, bodily, cultural, social and historical dimensions. Teachers will exemplify autoethnographic methods based on different theoretical foundations and ontological, epistemological and ethical premises.

Autoethnography covers well-known sociological and humanistic methods for critical-reflexive introspection on the researcher's role. It offers new narrative, visual and performative approaches for writing about personal experience or telling from her or his own subjectivity. Common to auto-ethnographic approaches is that the researcher is clear about having a presence in the field and in the text, often by using a first-person narrative. Autoethnographic texts cross genres and media, e.g. from poetry, personal essays, short stories, visualizations (e.g. photos, comics or impressionist drawings) to performative texts, and classical and journalistic academic genres.

In short, we will work on issues such as:

• What do the different autoethnographic methods do in terms of impacting the researcher's reflection and reflexivity?

• How can the researcher become clear about his or her own involvement in creating, feeling, sensing and understanding research and knowledge processes using autoethnography?

• How can autoethnographic genres and media be used by the individual course participant in a PhD thesis and how can the chosen genres be positioned in the spectrum of approaches?

The course includes lectures and writing workshop time for autoethnographic text production. The groups are facilitated by the three external teachers Carolyn Ellis, Art Bochner and Oscar Homer in collaboration with researchers from Roskilde University.


Free for students enrolled in Danish doctoral schools within the humanities. Exemptions from the fee are possible for students from Swedish and Norwegian PhD students in the humanities.

All other PhD students are welcome at the price of 2.400 DKK (Danish Kroner).

Registration and application

Registration is online, via:

The deadline for registration is March 11th. Applicants will receive notice of acceptance via email by April 1st.

Students have to register and upload a pdf with 3 types of texts as application.

You can read more about the application materials under “Participation requirements for the obtaining of ects points” on

Languages and preparation

The course lectures will be held mainly in English during the mornings. The afternoon is for writing in your chosen language (English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian). Preparation includes reading course literature (will be sent out in April). We expect you to read a limited number of papers by other PhD students. Further information on readings will be on the course site.


PhD administrator Marianne Sloth Hansen handles the practical aspects, you can reach her at (msha /at/ <mailto:(msha /at/>

Please contact Associate Professor Lisbeth Frølunde at (lisbethf /at/ <mailto:(lisbethf /at/>if you have questions regarding the course contents.

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