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[ecrea] PhD scholarship in Interactive Information Design RG, Koc University

Thu May 19 15:19:33 GMT 2016

PhD scholarship in Interactive Information Design RG, Koc University

The Interactive Information Design Research Group (aka Happern <>), is a part of Research Center for Creative Industries (KUAR) <>, in Koç University <> (Istanbul) focusing on interactive information design related research projects. We explore the complex, unexpected, uncommon happenings in human-information, human-human, human-environment and human-system interaction and communications. We spot these weird situations; we analyze them, we ideate, dream and design for them while looking for authentic interaction patterns.

And we do not work alone. We collaborate and team up with a network of people with similar interests. We walk this path together with people who like expressing themselves through visual language since they were kids, spending hours in front of maps examining numerous information; playing and tinkering with objects and nature to discover how things work and how they are constructed; collecting any kind of weird and inspirational stuff to imagine novel artifacts.

If you think you are one of us, why don't you join in? One way we can work together is applying for graduate degree in Koç University. Below you can find the details how you can apply for a Phd position.

Design, Technology and Society Program Application Procedures <>

Interactive Information Design Research Group (Happern) <>

3 Main Research Interests: Interaction with the complex information, Interaction under complex situations, Interface design for complexity. <>

*Ongoing Projects*
Visualizing Spatio-Temporal Urban Data <> Social Event Based Map Design <>
Emergency Response Management Interface Design
Participatory Citizen Engagement
Refined Reality Attentive User Interface for Autistics <> Refined Sound Reality <> Sensory Bio-Ethnography <> Spatial Augmented Reality for Indoor Use <>
Augmented Reality User Interface Design for Sailing

The call link in Linkedin <>

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asım Evren YANTAC
. Media and Visual Arts Dept <>., Koc University, Head of the Department . Research Center for Creative Industries <>,Koc University <>, Interactive Information Des. RG Head . Turkish Foundation for Education and Support for Autistic Individuals, TODEV, Board of Directors
Contact: (evren.yantac /at/ <mailto:(evren.yantac /at/>
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