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[ecrea] New PhD in Communication @ American University (fully funded, three-year design)

Wed Nov 12 16:04:50 GMT 2014

    PhD in Communication @ American University

    The Doctor of Philosophy program in Communication offers a rigorous and
    fast-paced course of study designed for scholars who want to apply
theory to practice. Grounded in the university’s longstanding commitment
    to public service, the program draws on the rich interdisciplinary
    resources of the university to focus on the intersections of media,
    technology, and democracy. It combines humanistic and social scientific
    approaches to the study of communication to analyze the complex
interactions among various players - including news media, entertainment
    media, digital communications, nonprofit organizations, politics, and
    business. The program was launched in 2011 and produced its first three
    graduates in spring 2014, all of whom hold tenure-track university

    Innovative, three-year design

    The program’s innovative design provides an accelerated full-time
curriculum enabling students entering with a master’s degree to complete
    the doctorate in three years. The program accepts five students each
    year with full funding, including a research stipend and free tuition.

    Students receive year-round supervision and mentoring via formal course
    work, organized research group meetings, and online collaboration. Each
student works closely with a faculty advisor to create an individualized
    program of electives organized around one of the following thematic

        * Media, Public Issues, and Engagement
        * Media Industries and Institutions
        * Media, Technology, and Culture


    Graduates of the PhD program are qualified for tenure-track faculty
    positions at institutions of higher education in Communication, Media
    Studies, and related fields. The program also equips graduates for
    advanced positions at media organizations, government agencies,
    foundations, non-profits, and industry.

    For more information, visit
    or contact PhD program director Kathryn Montgomery at (kcm /at/
    If you're interested specifically in studying data science or
    computational methods, contact Deen Freelon at (freelon /at/

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