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[ecrea] PhD Opportunity @ CDU - (Social Media and Spatial Mapping)

Tue Jul 08 11:41:49 GMT 2014


Based @ Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University

PhD project:

The role of social media in remote/rural plant biosecurity surveillance


This project aims to test the hypothesis that e-mapping technologies (such as cloud sourcing and other e-participatory mapping tools) can provide a tangible way for rural and remote landholders (including Indigenous landholders and Ranger groups) to provide relevant knowledge and improve their engagement in biosecurity surveillance.

The project aims to use qualitative and quantitative e-mapping methodologies (including participatory GIS through case-study analysis) to examine if new technologies to spatially map local knowledge and sightings of biosecurity threats enhance local landholder engagement and contribution to plant biosecurity surveillance in remote regions.

The questions that drive this research are:

· What spatial mapping that rely on social media tools would be appropriate to support landholders (including Indigenous landholders and ranger groups) in biosecurity surveillance and decision making in remote/rural Australia? (What tools do they already use, how do they use these tools, what kind of information would be useful for their PBS surveillance activities, and what would be the appropriate way to evaluate use and success of such tools?)

· Drawing on existing biosecurity surveillance technologies developed in Australia and other parts of the world what are the key best-practice decision-support protocols that should underpin biosecurity surveillance e-mapping efforts to ensure landholder motivations, values and capacities are reflected in existing and new e-mapping technologies, support and applications?

Supervising institution:

Charles Darwin University

More information:

Professor Ruth Wallace at (r.wallace /at/

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