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[eccr] CONTRACT POSITION at APC: Global Internet Rights Coordinator

Wed Mar 06 09:48:37 GMT 2002

CONTRACT POSITION AT APC: Global Internet Rights Coordinator

APC is seeking a Global Coordinator for our Civil Society Internet
Rights work, full-time for an initial 6-month contract

Since 1990, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) - - has been working with civil society organisations and
social movements around the world to harness information
and communication technologies (ICTs) for social justice and development.

APC is implementing a global-level Internet policy awareness-raising
programme that focuses on creating resources and opportunities for
discussion and learning about the impact of Internet policy decisions
on civil society, through civil society engagement and capacity-
building, as well as by intervening in key policy decision-making

Citizens and organisations that want to ensure that the Internet
remains a tool and a venue for promoting social and environmental
justice, development and democracy, are struggling to navigate the
terrain of global, regional, and national Internet governance, policy
and regulation. They know that the Internet presents governance
challenges, and they also know that they do not want their rights
infringed. But they frequently do not know which issues are on the
agenda, who is debating and deciding them, how their lives and work
could be affected, and how to get involved. APC wants to change this

To strategically develop and coordinate APC's overall Internet Rights
(IR) work, including:
- facilitating the development of APC's position on key issues
- building and managing strategic partnerships
- optimizing learning and resource allocation
- coordinating APC's regional IR work
- coordinating and integrating APC IR media, events, promotions and

Application Deadline: March 20, 2002
Contract Start Date: April 2002


. Ensure effective overall management and coordination of APC
Internet Rights work at the global level, and overall management of
all APC regional ICT policy projects and project staff.

. Optimise learning and resource allocation between APC's IR
initiatives, including regional IR projects, and the IR and gender
policy work of the APC-WNSP.

. Strengthen APC's profile in the IR field at the global level by
publicizing our work and by building strategic alliances with other
actors in the field.

. Build understanding, awareness and engagement within the APC member
community on IR and Internet policy issues and develop and implement
APC's strategic direction in the IR field.

. Work with the Programmes and Projects Manager to plan and fundraise
for the long-term sustainability of APC's IR work, regionally and

The remuneration for this 6-month full-time contract (expected to run
from April to September 2002) will be negotiated depending on skills,
qualifications and experience. Contract renewal is dependent on job
performance review and on securing long-term funds for the position.

The incumbent will report to the APC Executive Director, and will also work
regularly with: 
. the APC Programmes and Projects Manager on the management of APC's
regional IR projects
. APC's ICT Policy Monitor teams in other regions (Europe, Latin America,
. the APC-WNSP gender and Internet Rights working group
. the APC project team
. the APC member community

Most of the work will take place in 'online discussion' spaces, email
groups and mailing lists. Although there may be some travel, APC work
takes place primarily online.

Please send a CV, and a statement of interest IN ENGLISH that
includes the following information:

. description of your interest in working with the APC on this
. brief summary of your understanding of the key global-level ICT
policy issues, and how they relate to development and social justice .
description of your background in supporting civil society
networking and ICT initiatives
. description of your background in project management and team
coordination, specifically in an international and/or online context .
description of your computer skills
. where you live 
. languages you speak and write
. other information you think might be of importance to our assessment of
your application 
. 2 references: names, relationship, contact details; at least one of
these should be related to project or campaign that you have managed.

Please send this information via email to the Global Internet Rights
Coordinator hiring team at:

(global-IR-hire /at/

with the subject line:
"Global Internet Rights Coordinator Application"

Deadline for applications: March 20, 2002

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