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[Commlist] Call for abstracts: power, emotion and disinformation conference

Thu Feb 27 16:17:42 GMT 2020



University of Beira Interior,  May 7-8

Labcom - Comunicação e Artes is going to promote the 3rd International Conference  "Pathologies and Dysfunctions of Democracy in the Media Context" on the 7th and 8th of May at the University of Beira Interior Covilhã, Portugal. The 3rd editions of this conference will be focused on “Power, Emotion, and Disinformation".

Like the 1st  Conference, centered on in pathological and dysfunctional processes of the democratic process, and the 2nd Conference, centered on the dystopian portraits of some of these phenomena, the 3rdconference will obserrve media phenomena that impact participation at the most different levels of citizenship. The selected  papers may be published in a book and/or in a scientific journal that will be announced briefly

Event Theme

 The 3rd editions of this conference will be focus on “Power, Emotion, and Disinformation” and intend to bring together researchers in Communication Sciences; Social Sciences and Humanities (Political Science, Political Theory, Philosophy,  Sociology, Psychology, Economics), Arts (Design, Media Arts and Cinema) without minimizing and, rather, stimulating the opening to areas such as Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Abstracts must be sent by March 30. Papers written in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted.

The international conferences focus on three themes that will be addressed in three plenary panels and three sets of parallel sessions:

• Misinformation and fake news - On the one hand, to evaluate phenomena of visibility/invisibility, silencing, and concealment in journalistic information processes. On the other hand, it is intended to identify the intervention of specialized political communication agents: advisors, spin doctors, influencers, strategic communication agencies and other forms of political communication.

• “Datification of the public space” - This item intends to reflect on the technological dimension of manipulation. Among the multiple possibilities that interested parties and participants can cover are the identification of user-profiles and preferences, the massive use of data and the transfer of data to manipulative contexts at different levels; the open possibilities for carrying out simulations made possible by virtual reality, augmented reality and other digital technologies; the manipulation of emotion, the use of algorithms and their consequences.

• post-truth- Around this keyword, it intends to describe, analyze and investigate the reasons that make possible the possibilities of negationist theses, historical revisionism, and in particular, disbelief in science and its achievements manifested in phenomena such as the return of creationism, the discussion around vaccines. the denial of the sphericity of the earth or, worse, the denial of climatic changes.

Each of these three themes will give rise to a panel or round table followed by 3 parallel sessions of 4 people each in a total of 36 interventions.

Participation modalities

Empirical study and case approaches are welcome, as well as theoretical approaches complemented with examples. Analyzes and reflections can focus on communication processes online or offline, or complementary.


Abstracts must have a maximum of 400 words (excluding tables, figures, and references), including 3 to 5 keywords and must be written in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

They must describe the research topic and the theoretical and methodological approaches. Images/tables/graphs are allowed in the summary but are not counted in the word count. All abstracts will be subject to peer review.

Send your abstract as an email attachment without references to the author (s). The author's details (name, affiliation and contact details) must be included in the email message. Send  it to the following emails: (jcorreia /at/ <mailto:(jcorreia /at/>, (pj /at/ <mailto:(pj /at/>, (agradim /at/ <mailto:(agradim /at/>, and (rm.ricardomorais /at/ <mailto:(rm.ricardomorais /at/>

 The final presentation can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese, but accompanied by devices (ppt) and with summaries and essential topics written in English.

More information will be published soon on the event page and can be obtained through the e-mails (jcorreia /at/ <mailto:(jcorreia /at/>; (agradim /at/ <mailto:(agradim /at/>; (rm.ricardomorais /at/ <mailto:(rm.ricardomorais /at/>; (pj /at/ <mailto:(pj /at/>.


1st phase - until April 15th (early bird registration)

1 - Teachers from higher education institutions: 100 euros

2 - Students and research fellows from higher education institutions: 60 euros

2nd phase - between April 15 and May 2.

1 - Teachers from higher education institutions: 150 euros

2 - Students and research fellows from higher education institutions: 110 euros


Professors, researchers, and students from the University of Beira Interior, as well as any member of the Scientific Committee with an accepted proposal, are exempted from payment, but must still formalize their registration, sending as requested information.


Bank transfer to the University of Beira Interior

Santander Bank

NIB: 0018 0003 2322 0304 0208 9

IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 2322 0304 0208 9


In the case of excessive expenses or difficulties due to international bank transfer, payment will be possible upon arrival, in the reception if this is properly requested by the participant by email associated with the organization. However, the participant must, in any case, send the registration email to the addresses registered with an identification of the author and with the precise indication of the payment that will be processed at the reception of the conference.


Anabela Gradim

Gisela Gonçalves

João Carlos Correia

Pedro Jerónimo

Ricardo Morais

Sara Velez

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