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[Commlist] Contributions from the 7th ECERA conference: SComS 19.2 published

Tue Feb 04 06:08:50 GMT 2020

Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) is a peer-reviewed journal of communication and media research with platinum open access:

Issue 19.2 <> has just been published. It is mainly devoted to the 7th conference of the ECREA held in Lugano in 2018, but also includes a paper in the general section that examines the state of science communication research in the German-speaking countries.

*Thematic Section on the ECREA conference 2018*

/Katharina Lobinger, Gabriele Balbi, Lorenzo Cantoni/
Guest Editorial to the Thematic Section on ECREA 2018/

/José van Dijck
/Come salvaguardare i valori pubblici in un mondo interconnesso? Le sfide per l’Europa. Translated by Eleonora Benecchi/

/Lina Dencik/
Il realismo della sorveglianza e le politiche dell’immaginazione: non c’è alternativa? Translated by Philip Di Salvo/

/Thomas Allmer
/«Sono una madre single. Non sento di poter essere competitiva quanto altri»: esperienze di personale precario nelle università del Regno Unito. Translated by Gloria Dagnino/

/Sara Greco, Jolanta Drzewiecka/
Rediscussing centres and peripheries: communication lenses on migration. ECREA 2018 special panel report/

/Claudia Padovani, Karen Ross/
Re-booting gender in communication research and practice: a translational approach. ECREA 2018 special panel report/

/Helena Sousa/
The English language in academia: Identifying power structures, denaturalizing daily choices. ECREA 2018 special panel report/

/Lorenzo Cantoni, Silvia De Ascaniis
/Communicating World Heritage to global audiences of travelers. ECREA 2018 special panel report

/Joy Jenkins/
Journalism from the peripheries. From the Swiss-Italian media system to other local dimensions. ECREA 2018 special panel report

/Christian Schwarzenegger, Katharina Lobinger, Gabriele Balbi/
Academic traditions in communication: Expanding the field and redrawing the boundaries. ECREA 2018 special panel report

/Fiona Fehlmann
/Die European Communication Conference (ECC) 2018 in Lugano


*General Section*

/Sabrina Heike Kessler, Birte Fähnrich, Mike S. Schäfer/
Science communication research in the German-speaking countries: A content analysis of conference abstracts

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