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[Commlist] New publication: All Fontanarrosa: The Work of a Complete Humorist/Todo Fontanarrosa: la obra de un humorista completo

Fri Jun 26 16:35:34 GMT 2020

Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research
Volume 25, 2019 - Issue 3: All Fontanarrosa/Todo Fontanarrosa. Guest Editors: María Celina Bortolotto and Annick Pellegrin

The Argentine Roberto Fontanarrosa’s death in 2007 was marked by a day of national mourning. Fontanarrosa was a comic book author, a caricaturist, a novelist, a short story writer and a scriptwriter whose work has also been adapted to the screen and the stage. We are pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of JILAR, dedicated to Fontanarrosa’s work. Entirely in Spanish, this special issue brings together scholars from Argentina, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Mauritius.

The table of contents can be consulted online at the following link: and electronic versions of the articles may be accessible through your institutions. JILAR also usually releases hard copies of its issues.


All Fontanarrosa: The Work of a Complete Humorist/Todo Fontanarrosa: la obra de un humorista completo María Celina Bortolotto (Massey University) and Annick Pellegrin (University of Mauritius)
Pages: 229-232

Boogie, un mercenario de película (Boogie, a movie gangster)
Juan Matías Lobos
Pages: 233-243

Boogie, el aceitoso en la Colombia de los 80 y 90: el negro Fontanarrosa, Samper Pizano y el miedo al falso héroe (Boogie el Aceitoso in the 80s and 90s Colombia: Fontanarrosa, Samper Pizano and the fear of false heroes)
Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed, Daniel Aguilar Rodríguez and Fernando Suárez
Pages: 244-257

Cultura popular, crítica y política: una lectura a partir de la obra de Roberto Fontanarrosa (Popular culture, critic and politics: a reading from Roberto Fontanarrosa's œuvre)
Laura Vazquez
Pages: 258-274

Inodoro Pereyra: el humor y los conflictos sociales (Inodoro Pereyra: humour and social conflict)
Pablo Ángel Díaz
Pages: 275-287

El carnaval criollo: apuntes para un análisis discursivo de la colección de los cuentos La mesa de los galanes (The creole carnival: notes for a discursive analysis of the short story collection La mesa de los galanes)
Bernardo Suárez
Pages: 288-299

Donde se dice el humor: La mesa de los galanes como espacio paratópico en los cuentos de Fontanarrosa (Where humour is said: La mesa de los galanes as paratopic space in Fontanarrosa’s short stories)
Cristian Palacios
Pages: 300-311

La ficcionalización de la oralidad en la narrativa de Fontanarrosa (The fictionalization of orality in Fontanarrosa’s fiction)
Tamara Strugo
Pages: 312-324

Las hilachas de los machos: masculinidad argentina en los cuentos de Fontanarrosa (Our machos’ chinked armours: Argentinian masculinity in Fontanarrosa’s short stories)
María Celina Bortolotto
Pages: 325-338

¿Fidelidad o adulterio?: los nudos conflictivos de la transposición de “Memorias de un wing derecho” (1985), de Roberto Fontanarrosa, en Metegol (2013), de Juan José Campanella (Faithful or adulterous?: conflictive nodes of transposition from “Memorias de un wing derecho’(1985) by Roberto Fontanarrosa, to Underdogs (2013) by Juan José Campanella)
Hugo Hortiguera
Pages: 339-357

Fontanarrosa y la literatura ilustrada: parodias en la revista Chaupinela (1974-1975) (Fontanarrosa and illustrated literature: parodies in the magazine Chaupinela (1974-1975))
Laura Cilento
Pages: 358-369

About The Authors
Pages: 370-373

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