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[Commlist] commlist being reopened slowly

Thu Jun 25 16:31:42 GMT 2020

Dear subscribers,

Thanks to the hard work of the Commlist tech team, we have managed to reopen the Commlist.

This reopening will go slow, with, for now, only a few messages per day being let through.

A few things will have to change, though.

1/ Subscribers really will have to have the domain whitelisted. If you don't do this, the list will soon collapse again. Some collective sense of responsibility is necessary to keep the list functioning. More information on whitelisting is below. This requires a few minutes of work. About a 1000 people haven't done this yet, and that, I am sorry to say, contributed to the collapse of the list in April.

2/ Because of the aggressive policies of, and (windows), these email addresses will no longer be allowed to subscribe to the Commlist.

3/ Postings that do not respect all guidelines (see will not be posted. But from now on, posters will no longer be informed of this decision, and no help will be provided with processing the guidelines. This has become too time-consuming for me, and I really think that people who want to post on an academic mailing list should be able to process posting guidelines without my help.

Kind regards,


1/If you're are using MICROSOFT OUTLOOK (or variations)

++ You need to explicitly whitelist the commlist (in general) by adding the domain to the safe senders list, see below for guidelines ++ in addition, go to your junk email box, and if there are any messages there, you'll need to mark them as NOT spam. ++ In future, make sure never to mark messages as spam, as this is damaging the list

2/If you're on a service like GMAIL

++ You need to explicitly whitelist the commlist (in general), see below for guidelines ++ in addition, go to your spam/junk box, and if there are any messages there, you'll need to mark them as NOT spam. ++ In future, make sure never to mark them as spam, as this is damaging the list

3/If you're on a university server, or a smaller commercial server
++ please contact your computer centre and/or helpdesk and explicitly
ask to whitelist the domain

++++More detail

How to whitelist in MICROSOFT OUTLOOK?
Video see:

1) Sign in your account and go to your Inbox.

2) Click the cog icon located at the upper right of the page and select "More mail settings" or "View all Outlook setting" at the end of the list. 3) Under Preventing Junk email or Junk email, click on Add with "Safe senders and domains".

4) Put in the box that becomes visible and press enter

5) Click the Save button at the top of the page. will now be whitelisted!

How to whitelist in GMAIL.COM?


1) Login to Gmail, click on the gear icon and select "Settings"
2) Select "Filters and blocked addresses"

3) Scroll past all your existing filters (if any) and select "Create a new filter"

4) 4) Add the domain to the "From" field.

5) Check the "Never send to spam" box and click "Create Filter". will now be whitelisted!

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