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[ecrea] CFP: Beyond the Book: Contemporary Cultures of Reading, 1-2 Sept 2007

Sun Nov 12 23:06:54 GMT 2006

>Second Call for Papers
>Beyond the Book: Contemporary Cultures of Reading
>A conference at the University of Birmingham, UK
>1 & 2 September 2007
>Keynote Speakers:
>Janice Radway (Duke University) & Elizabeth Long (Rice University)
>Book groups, Lit Blogs, on-line bookstores, book festivals, reader 
>magazines, 'One Book, One Community,' Reader's Guides, 'Richard & 
>Judy's Book Club,' Book TV, 'Canada Reads,' the 'Nancy Pearl Action 
>Figure,' 'Tuesday Night Book Club,'... reading is hot!
>This conference will explore the diverse formations, mediations, 
>practices and representations of reading and readers in the 
>contemporary moment.  Cultures of reading are dynamic and complex: 
>they involve not only readers reading, but also multiple agencies 
>including publishers, booksellers, broadcast networks, national, 
>regional and municipal governments, and educational 
>institutions.  The aim of the conference is to interrogate the 
>relations among these agents and their investment in the meanings of 
>reading. The study of readers and reading encourages, maybe demands, 
>multi- and interdisciplinary analysis.  We therefore invite scholars 
>from across the humanities and social sciences to consider the 
>contemporary meanings and experiences of reading in any culture or 
>location.  Selected papers will be included in an edited collection 
>on contemporary cultures of reading/book cultures.
>Possible topics for consideration:
>* Reading as a form of popular culture
>* Books & reading as cultural events
>* Investigating reading and reader response: methodological problems 
>& strategies
>* The production of readers and/or reading
>* Books/Reading and/in/through the mass media
>* Reading spaces
>* Reading together: shared reading
>* Reading as a medium of/for social change
>* Reading practices
>* Reading and the state
>Please send proposals for 20-minute papers (abstracts of 200-300 
>words) or complete three-person panel sessions (including abstracts 
>for each paper) by 15 January 2007 to: (burrealz /at/, 
>using "BTB proposal" as the subject line in your email. Proposals 
>may also be sent to:
>Beyond the Book Conference
>Department of American & Canadian Studies
>University of Birmingham
>Edgbaston, Birmingham
>B15 2TT
>Beyond the Book is a three-year collaborative interdisciplinary 
>AHRC-funded research project investigating contemporary cultures of 
>reading.  The transatlantic BTB team are: DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Mount 
>Saint Vincent University, Canada), Danielle Fuller, Anouk Lang & 
>Anna Burrells (University of Birmingham, UK).
>Find out more about our research at: 
>Anouk Lang
>Postdoctoral Research Fellow
>Beyond The Book
>Department of American & Canadian Studies
>University of Birmingham
>Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT
>email: (a.e.lang /at/ <mailto:(a.e.lang /at/>
>tel: 0121 414 7568
>fax: 0121 414 6866
> <>
> <>

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