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[ecrea] CFP: Studies in Communication Review

Sat Jun 17 22:39:27 GMT 2006

Labcom (Online Communication Lab) / Universidade da Beira Interior Portugal
Studies in Communication Review
 The first number of Studies in Communication (Estudos em Comunicação), will be published in March 2007 by Labcom (Online Communication Lab of the University of Beira Interior, Portugal). The review will be mainly focused on media studies and in areas of interface between Social Theory and Communication Sciences. 

Each issue of the review will have a general subject of study and a thematic dossier.   The general subject and the thematic dossier will be different in each issue. 

The general subject will include only academic and scientific essays.

 The thematic dossier, besides essays and papers, it may include also interviews, articles or statements on a subject of general interest to the Academy and to the study of Communication Sciences.  


a) General subject of this issue


The general subject of study of this first issue will be Communication and Politics.  The Editors of Studies in Communication are seeking for original, previously unpublished and completed contributions on the general subject of Communication and Politics.  The essays may include the following topics:

 Journalism and public sphere (Press, Radio, Television, Webjournalism and Online Journalism).

 Journalism and democratic deliberation.

 Ethical and political problems concerning the representation of politics by news media.

 Media regulation and Public Service Broadcasting.

 The role of Public Relations and Communication Agencies in the public sphere and democratic deliberation.

 The role of political advertising in the public sphere and democratic deliberation.

 . Rhetoric and democratic deliberation. 

 Theoretical approaches to the public sphere and democratic deliberation

 Impact of the Internet on democratic deliberation and representation.

b) Thematic Dossier of this issue
The first issue of the review will accept also essays and articles to a thematic dossier on The Teaching of Communication Sciences in Europe after the Bologna Process.  The essays and articles may include epistemological, institutional and pedagogic angles of approach, presenting relevant opinions, analysis, examples and study cases about the change of curricula, teaching methods and other matters related.
 Each paper should be no more than 30 pages in one and an half-space format, using font Times New Roman  Size 12, including figures, graphs, and illustrations. All papers must include an abstract with fifteen lines and five keywords. 
All papers should be submitted in RTF format. 
To submit, send your paper  to               
1)(joaocarloscorreia /at/; 
 2)(agradim /at/; 
 3)(jc.correia /at/ 
or to the following address:
João Carlos Correia
Anabela Gradim
Revista Estudos em Comunicação
Departamento de Comunicação e Artes 
Universidade da Beira Interior
6200  001
Manuscript submission:  November 15, 2006
Acceptance notification: November 30, 2006
Publication:             March 2007
Working languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Director: João Carlos Correia  
Labcom Laboratory 
School of Arts and Communication 
Universidade da Beira Interior
Anabela Gradim
Labcom Laboratory 
School of Arts and Communication 
Universidade da Beira Interior

International Scientific Board:
António Fidalgo (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal)
Afonso Albuquerque (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brasil); Alfredo Vizeu (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil); António Bento (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal); Barbie Zelizer (University of Pennsylvania, USA); Colin Sparks (University of Westminster, United Kingdom); Eduardo Camilo (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal); Eduardo Meditsch (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil), François Heinderyckx (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique), Elias Machado (Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brasil); Francisco Costa Pereira (Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Portugal); Gil Ferreira (Universidade Católica Portuguesa); Helena Sousa (Universidade do Minho, Portugal); Javier Díaz Noci (Universidad del País Vasco, Espanã); Jean Marc-Ferry (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Institut dÉtudes Européennes, Belgique); João Pissarra Esteves (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal); João Canavilhas (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal); Joaquim Paulo Se
rra (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal); Jorge Pedro Sousa (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal); José Bragança de Miranda (Universidade Lusófona; Universidade Nova de Lisboa); Manuel Pinto (Universidade do Minho, Portugal); Mark Deuze (Indiana University, USA); Maria João Silveirinha (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal); Mário Mesquita (Escola Superior de Comunicação Social de Lisboa, Portugal); Marcos Palácios (Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brasil); Martin Jay (University of California, Berkeley, USA); Miguel Rodrigo Alsina (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España); Michael Gurevitch (University of Maryland, USA), Nelson Traquina (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal); Nico Carpentier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB- , Katholieke Universiteit Brussel  KUB, Belgium); Nathalie Zaccai - Reyners  (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique); Paula Espírito Santo (Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal); Peter Dah
lgren (Lunds universitet, Sweden); Pedro Coelho (SIC, Jornalista; Investigador); Ramón Salaverría (Universidad de Navarra, España); Stephen K. White (University of Virgínia, EUA), Rosental Calmon Alves (University of Texas, USA), Steve Reese (University of Texas,USA); Susan Buck-Morss (Cornell University); Tito Cardoso e Cunha (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal), Todd Gitlin (Columbia University, USA); Xosé Lópes García (Universidad Santiago de Compostela, España).
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