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[ecrea] Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition

Tue May 16 08:39:44 GMT 2006

Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition

The Inaugural Issue of the Mediterranean Edition, a blind reviewed 
bi-annual scholarly communication and media studies journal, edited by Dr. 
Mashoed Bailie of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, at 
Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus, is now available 
online at:

This issue contains articles by internationally renowned scholars of 
communication, book reviews, and calls for papers -- both for the blind 
reviewed section and for the graduate student papers section (reviewed by 
the editor) of the journal. The most recent Call for Papers is listed below:


Media, Communication and Conflict

The Mediterranean Edition invites the submission of essays and research 
reports with a focus on media, communication and conflict for the fall 2006 
issue. The submission of articles from scholars engaged in media and 
communication studies with a particular interest in communities in 
conflict, conflict resolution and/or peace communication are encouraged. We 
are particularly interested in articles that explore the role of media in 
the production of social and cultural meanings and identities in communal, 
institutional, national, regional and international settings. Articles 
might address, but need not be limited to, topics including the relations 
between media/communication and

o gender
o media workers
o audiences
o labor
o children
o ethnicity
o culture
o identity
o democracy
o global conflicts
o conflict resolution processes
o inter-communal or bi-communal conflicts
o reconciliation and peace processes

Deadlines and Submission Guidelines
Deadlines and submission guidelines are available on the journal site. 
Articles that do not follow the guidelines will be returned for correction.

Please direct all inquires by email to the editor, Dr. Mashoed Bailie, 
Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Eastern Mediterranean 
University at (mashoed.bailie /at/

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