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[eccr] cfp: Mobile Phone Culture special issue

Mon Jul 04 06:42:25 GMT 2005

>Call for papers
>special 'Mobile Phone Culture' issue of
>Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies (20.3, 2006)
>edited by Dr Gerard Goggin ((g.goggin /at/, Centre for Critical and 
>Cultural Studies
>University of Queensland, Australia
>In barely two decades since their commercial launch in the early 1980s, 
>mobile telecommunications have now outstripped their fixed-phone 
>counterparts, being used by over a billion people worldwide. Mobile phones 
>play an indispensable and distinctive role in contemporary societies, 
>woven into the transformation of work, leisure, relationships, family, 
>sexualities, glocalization, identity formation, embodiment, and fashion 
>and implicated in class, race, gender, and disability relations. There is 
>now widespread interest in mobile phones among media producers, policy 
>makers, industry, user groups, artists, and educators. And a vibrant, 
>interdisciplinary body of work on social aspects of mobiles is now also 
>Against this backdrop this special collection aims to focus attention on 
>inquiry into mobile phone culture, and to promote systematic consideration 
>of this important topic by cultural and media studies scholars.
>We welcome submissions on topics such as (but not restricted to):
>* theories of mobile phone culture
>* the relationship of mobile phone culture to general accounts of culture 
>and media;
>* mobile phone culture and the question of technology
>* the domestication and cultural shaping of mobile in different countries, 
>cultures, and regions;
>* cross-cultural approaches to understanding mobile phone culture;
>* the language of mobile phone culture;
>* cultural representation of mobiles;
>* case studies of use and consumption of mobile devices;
>* mobiles and/in bodies;
>* exploration of new cultural forms in mobiles (ringtones, text messaging, 
>soap opera, short video and film, art, television)
>* licit and illicit customising and modification of mobiles
>* mobiles and cultural politics;
>* mobiles and cultural policy;
>* cultural histories of mobiles;
>* new mobile technologies (such as camera and video phones, phones as 
>audio devices, Blackberries and PDAs, third-generation and 
>fourth-generation mobiles, mobile Internet) and identities;
>* mobile commons
>* the implications of mobiles for concepts and methods in cultural and 
>media studies.
>Deadline for abstracts is 31 August, 2005.
>Deadline for final submission of full papers is 31 December 2005.
>Potential contributors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with 
>previous issues of the Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 
>and to discuss their ideas with the special issue editor:
>Dr Gerard Goggin
>ARC Australian Research Fellow, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
>University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072 Qld Australia
>e: (g.goggin /at/ //
>'Continuum' is an academic journal of media and cultural studies. For over 
>a decade it has contributed to the formation of these disciplines by 
>identifying new areas for investigation and developing new agendas for 
>enquiry in the fields. The journal has consistently provided a space for 
>important new voices in media and cultural studies, while also featuring 
>the work of internationally renowned scholars. Continuum  is now one of 
>the most highly regarded and most cited journals in media and cultural 
>studies. Continuum is edited from Australia, with an international scope. 
>It is affiliated with the Cultural Studies Association of Australia. 
>Information on Continuum and instructions for authors may be found at: 
>Dr Gerard Goggin
>ARC Australian Research Fellow
>Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
>University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072 Qld Australia
>e: (g.goggin /at/   m: 0428 66 88 24

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