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[eccr] Culture, Theory and Critique. TOC 46.1: "Noise". CFP (2).

Sat Jul 02 12:35:49 GMT 2005

>Contents of 46.1, special number on Noise.
>Call for papers (2 - open issue and special issue on Creolization: 
>Towards a Non-eurocentric Europe).
>Unless specified otherwise, please direct all correspondence regarding CTC 
>to: (ctc /at/  ; apologies for cross-postings.
>For full details on _Culture, Theory and Critique_, submission 
>information, instructions to authors, a free online sample copy and 
>contents listings from volume 43 on, please visit the journal's website at:
>_Culture, Theory and Critique_ is an interdisciplinary journal for the 
>transformation and development of critical theories in the humanities and 
>social sciences. It aims to critique and reconstruct theories by 
>interfacing them with one another and by relocating them in new sites and 
>conjunctures. _Culture, Theory and Critiques_ approach to theoretical 
>refinement and innovation is one of interaction and hybridisation via 
>recontextualisation and transculturation. The reconceptualisation of 
>critical theories is achieved by:
>* assessing how well theories emerging from particular spatial, cultural, 
>geographical and historical contexts travel and translate into new 
>* confronting theories with their limitations or aporias through immanent 
>* applying theories to cultural, literary, social and political phenomena 
>in order to test them against their respective fields of concern and to 
>generate critical feedback.
>* interfacing theories from different intellectual, disciplinary and 
>institutional settings.
>_Culture, Theory and Critique_ publishes one special issue and one open 
>issue per volume.
>JUST PUBLISHED. Culture, Theory and Critique. VOLUME 46.1 2005.
>SPECIAL ISSUE: NOISE. Edited by Greg Hainge and Paul Hegarty.
>No(i)stalgia: On the Impossibility of Recognising Noise in the Present.
>Greg Hainge
>Voices of the Dead: Transmission / Translation / Transgression.
>Anthony Enns
>Noise and Ethics: On Evan Parker and Alain Badiou.
>Marcel Cobussen
>The Splinter in Your Ear: Noise as the Semblance of Critique.
>Nick Smith
>The Noise of Thoughts: The Turbulent (Sound-)Worlds of Jean-Luc Godard.
>Douglas Morrey
>Raving Sibyls, Signifying Gods: Noise and Sense in Heraclitus Fragments 92 
>and 93.
>Andrew Benjamin
>Notes on contributors
>CALL FOR PAPERS: SPECIAL ISSUE, MAY 2007 Creolization: Towards a 
>Non-eurocentric Europe
>Is Europe involved in a process of "Creolization"? This issue proposes to 
>test the idea that creolization, an originally territorialized Caribbean 
>theory, is now resonating far beyond the new Americas, and might offer a 
>theoretical approach to the construction of a paradoxically 
>self-referential but non-Eurocentric Europe.
>Contributors are invited to take, as their point of departure, the idea 
>that the Creolization of Europe is an interdisciplinary phenomenon linked, 
>but not coterminous, with globalization or postcolonialism. We may now be 
>in the position of "discovering" Europe from the vantage point of 
>creolization just as Columbus discovered America except that the discovery 
>process itself would have inherited the self-referential suspicion that we 
>have learned from studying the history of conquering ancestors.
>We welcome studies that cross political theory and gendered or queered 
>perspectives as well as analyses of everyday life and migratory cultural 
>CTC welcomes inquiries at any time, but contributors are requested to 
>submit articles on "Creolization: Towards a Non-eurocentric Europe" 
>between February and June 2006
>All initial inquiries to Mireille Rosello at (m-rosello /at/
>Inquiries for open issues should be directed to: (ctc /at/
>Submissions for open issues should be sent to _Culture, Theory and 
>Critique, Department of Hispanic and Latin American Studies, University of 
>Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK. Submissions for the open issues may be 
>sent at any time.
>Submissions are subject to peer review.
>Dr Greg Hainge, Senior Lecturer in French, Head of French Program,
>School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of 
>Queensland, Qld 4072, Australia.
>tel: (Int. + 61) (07) 3365 2282, fax: 3365 6799
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>_Culture Theory and Critique_ Editorial Board.
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>_Etudes Celiniennes_ Editorial Board.
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>Australian Society for French Studies Publications Editor
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>Australia and NZ Representative of the Société d'Études Céliniennes

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