Commlist (un)subscription form

Because of the aggressive policies of, and (windows), these email addresses will no longer be allowed to subscribe to the Commlist. This also applies to their aliases in other domains but .com (for example and If you want to subscribe to the commlist, you will have to use a different email address.

Please enter the email address you want to (un)subscribe, if you want a regular subscription (one posting, one email):
If you want to subscribe to the weekly digest, which is sent out on Wednesdays, please enter the email address you want to (un)subscribe here:
If you're already subscribed to the commlist, you can change your mailing option on this page. Simply unsubscribe your email address from the option you don't want to use any more, and subscribe your email address to the option you want instead. Please note that you cannot be subscribed with the same email address to both options. You either have a regular subscription or a subscription to the digest.
If you want to change the email address that you're subscribed with, you can do this here too. First unsubscribe your old email address, and then subscribe your new one.
If you unsubscribe an email address, please do make sure to unsubscribe your email address in exactly the same form as the one you subscribed with. Not one letter should be different.

For posting on the list, and other relevant information, have a look at the guidelines.

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