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[Commlist] Call for Visiting Faculty ESPM in Brazil

Fri Sep 20 14:18:17 GMT 2019

*ESPM Visiting Faculty*

*/Call for applications/*


/ESPM in Brazil (Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo campuses) is seeking applications for Visiting Faculty, for academic short term – 2 weeks (for the first or second semester) at graduate and under graduate level. At ESPM, the first semester begins in February until June, and the second semester begin in August until December, of each year./


/The interested research professor should send a proposal of work* for two weeks, one in São Paulo and another in Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre. The deadline for applications for each terms is at least:03/30/2020 (first semester), 09/30/2020 (second semester)./


*About ESPM: *

ESPM is a private not-for-profit university. It positions itself as a medium-sized university, focused on business and communication. It presents an applied teaching profile. It is recognized as the best marketing university in the Brazilian. It has campuses in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. It offers academic programs at all levels, developing general skills espoused by ESPM (softskills) as well as singularities demanded by the local corporate reality (hardskills). *Short description of research activities: *ESPM boasts a strong program of both basic and applied research across disciplines. Doctoral and research-focused master’s degree programs are recognized by CAPES (the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education), and they are intended to train researchers and future professors who can successfully integrate into any national or international organization.

·The activities include studies and practices related to each field of study:

_Information about:___

·PhD Program:

·Master Program:

·ESPM Academic Journals:

Doctoral and master’s students at ESPM leave with the ability to conduct original research and scholarship in their fields. These programs are constantly evolving at ESPM.

*Benefits offered to Visiting Faculties:*

·An academic opportunity to develop teaching skills in a research-intensive environment, and integration with our Faculty research team;

·ESPM will provide round-trip tickets for selected professors and a payment of $ 2.100,00 (corresponding a daily value of $ 150.00). Airfare between the SP, POA and RJ units will also be offered by ESPM;

·The visiting professor must carry out a lecture in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Porto Alegre(POA) when he / she comes to PPGA or PPGCOM; if the teacher comes to MPGEC he must offer a lecture for POA and SP.

Please note that the participants must cover their expenses including housing (around ESPM campuses there are nearby hotels to stay and also good options on sites like <>), meals, visa insurance costs and international health insurance and others.

*How to apply: *

To apply for one of the Visiting Faculty positions, candidates shall submit the following documentation with at least 3 months of anticipation to the beginning of the term to which they are applying:

·A Cover Letter (no more than 1 Letter/A4 page), including a short research and teaching philosophy statement, and briefly describing your motivation to apply for this position and the field to which you are applying;

·Your resume along with scanned proof of your academic degrees; and

·**Proposal of work: *

The proposal of work should include: a class within the /Stricto Sensu/ Graduate Program (Master and/or PhDs), participation in the activities of the research lines of the programs, a lecture or activity with undergraduate or postgraduate students. It is desirable that the proposal indicate some research activity that may result in joint publication with professors of the /Stricto Sensu/ Graduate Programs. All courses necessarily have to be taught in English or Spanish.

The proposal could be as well the possibility of proposing a course for Lato Sensu Programs (MBAs, specialization courses in Graduate Program).

·Areas of interest:

oCommunication Studies;

oMedia Studies;

oMedia Literacy;

oCultural Studies;

oAudiences and Consumer Culture;

oCommunication and Consumption;

oMarketing and Consumer Behavior (It involves studies and research that investigate individuals, groups and organizations to understand how they choose, buy, use and discard goods, services, ideas and experiences. It also involves research projects oriented to the construction of knowledge related to the international dimension of Marketing management, covering the transfer of knowledge in multinationals, consumer behavior in different countries and cultures, the construction of the Brazil brand and its reflection on marketing actions, and marketing management in important international sectors such as agribusiness, franchising and retail);

oInnovation and Strategy in International Management (It involves studies and research that include the internationalization strategies of companies, as well as the study of the strategy adopted by companies already internationalized, including the planning and structuring of international functions, the role and strategy of subsidiaries, the relationship between subsidiaries and matrix, the competitiveness factors of multinational companies, the process of internationalization and evolution of the international organization and the strategy of multinational companies regarding activities such as innovation and sustainability actions. It also covers the study of national innovation systems, the dissemination of innovation by markets, management of innovation in the international environment, management of technological innovation, collaborative innovation, sustainable innovation, innovation in subsidiaries of multinational companies);

oCreative economy and development;

oCultural policies;

oCreative industries strategic management;

oCreative industries marketing;

oDesign thinking and innovation;

oCreative entrepreneurship;

oInteraction Design;

oExperience design

*Visa information: *

According to the PORTAL CONSULAR – Itamaraty, applicants to 2-week program may apply for a visitor's visa. Since the amount received is as cost aid during the period you are in Brazil participating in the academic activities at ESPM.

Brazil officialises visa-free agreement with the European Union. By agreement, the exemption is valid for ordinary passports and travel up to three months. European Union_27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia , Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Please, see the list:

By agreement, the exemption is valid for ordinary passports and travel up to three months. But the text allows the extension of the period as long as negotiated with the authorities of each country. The end of the visa is valid for those traveling on tourism, visiting relatives and attending conferences, meetings and congresses - except when the person receives public resources for participation. (Remember, the resources received in this Visiting Faculty Program is private, provided by ESPM).

The document also says that the agreement "does not affect" those already negotiated bilaterally between Brazil and a member of the European Union. Governments may suspend the text if they deem it necessary.

*So, it is very important that all applicants are aware that Visa information may change according to the Brazilian Consulate in each country. So the information provided here is intended to help professors with the main information about VISA in Brazil, however it is the responsibility of each candidate verify the updated information with the Brazilian consulate in the country of origin.*

/*Visit Visa:*//**/

/The visit visa will be issued to foreigners traveling to Brazil for staying up to 90 days without purposes of immigration or the exercise of paid activity (daily allowances, artistic paychecks, compensation or other travel expenses are allowed). Visit visas can be granted for those traveling for tourism, business, transit, artistic or sports activities, study, volunteer work, or to attend to conferences, seminars or meetings, among other purposes - provided there is no remuneration in Brazil and the stay does not exceed 90 days./

*_Click _**here* <>*_ to apply for a Brazilian visa_*/ (for electronic visas, please refer to the next session)./

/*Electronic Visit Visa (eVisa):*//**/

/The new system for granting electronic visas is available for nationals of /*/Australia, Canada, United States and Japan/*/. Nationals of these countries may apply for a Visit Visa and obtain it remotely, with no need to visit a Consulate, since there is no physical label. The eVisa must be applied for at the //VFS Global website// (the company which provides the service).///

/If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an e-mail with the visa copy, his data, visa data, QR Code to confirm the authenticity, and any warnings that may apply.///

/The holder of the electronic visit visa must present the printed authorization file or its electronic copy to the transport companies at the time of boarding, as well as to the Brazilian immigration authorities upon their entry into Brazil.///

/*_Click _*/*/here /* <>/*_to apply for an eVisa._*///

If applicants need some specific letter from ESPM to apply for a visa, ESPM will be happy to provide it.

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