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[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia

Sun Sep 15 15:57:44 GMT 2019

International Journal of Communication
Publishes a Special Section on Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia

This Special Section on Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia
brings together nine original articles (plus an editorial introduction) on
work looking at the interaction of media and digital technologies, policy
and governance, and evolving cultures and politics in the Asian region. It
is guest-edited by Emma Baulch (Monash University Malaysia), Terry Flew
(Queensland University of Technology), and Luzhou Li (Monash University).
Contributors are from eight countries throughout Asia and the Pacific, and
all are concerned with developing a regional perspective on digital platform
governance that is grounded in the Asian context. This Special Section focuses on a wide range of topics including: digital
media use for civic engagement; the crisis of trust and combatting online
misinformation; ICT access in the face of structural inequalities based on
class and gender; the global expansion of Chinese digital platforms; the
changing Chinese television production industry; and the interaction between
laws, policy and corporate action in evolving platform governance. These studies provide an important Asian regional perspective on global
digital communication issues. They are focused on the current conjuncture
where digital platforms are increasingly the subject of nation-state
regulation, ICT industries are caught up in geopolitical conflicts and trade
wars, concerns exist about the spread of misinformation and disinformation
online, and digital media are central to new forms of political and social
movement activism. We invite you to read this new Special Section of 10 articles in the
International Journal of Communication that published Saturday, September
14, 2019 and available at  We look forward to your feedback!
 The Shifting Institutional Bases of Digital Asia Studies: Communication,
Culture, and Governance in Asia — Introduction
Emma Baulch, Terry Flew, Luzhou Li
 Truth, Not Fear: Countering False Information in a Conflict
Abdul Rohman, Peng Hwa Ang Opinion Leadership, Media Use, and Environmental Engagement in China
Marko M. Skoric, Nan Zhang
 A Digital Empire in the Making: China’s Outbound Digital Platforms
Michael Keane, Haiqing Yu Toward Fragmented Platform Governance in China: Through the Lens of Alibaba
and the Legal-Judicial System
Yu Hong, Jian Xu Motivation and Trust: How Dual Screening Influences Offline Civic Engagement
Among Taiwanese Internet Users
Trisha T. C. Lin
Communicative Assemblages of the Pisonet and the Translocal Context of ICT for the “Have-less”: Innovation, Inclusion, Stratification
Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano
 “We Connect With People Through Stories”: Gender and Affective Labor in
Julian Hopkins
 “I’d Rather Be the Ferryman in the Gold Rush”: The Television Drama
Production Industry in Post-2008 China
Luzhou Li
The Crisis of Digital Trust in the Asia-Pacific — Commentary Terry Flew _____________________________________________________
 Larry Gross                                                        Editor
 Arlene Luck
Managing Editor         Emma Baulch, Terry Flew, Luzhou Li
Guest Editors
International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
USC Annenberg Press
University of Southern California

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